Patient and Public Involvement and Public Engagement


The NIHR Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (Greater Manchester PSTRC) places patient and public involvement (PPI) and public engagement (PE) at the very heart of its activities.

The Centre has assigned over eight percent of the budget to PPI and PE including co-funding of Philip Hammond, PPI Coordinator at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) to co-ordinate the activity of PPI and PE focused on primary care patient safety.

There are several streams of PPI, which include:

  • A Research User Group (RUG)
  • Patient and public members and/or patient organisations sat on both the Strategic Advisory Group and Executive Management Board
  • Involvement in the activities of the Research Themes.

The initial priority was the formation of the RUG to enable co-ordinated activity to take place. It allows members of the public to develop their level of involvement; with oversight from Simon Denegri (Chair, INVOLVE), who is a member of the Centre's Executive Management Board. The PSTRC aims to produce clear and accessible information regarding what the centre is about and for, and definition of the potential activities and ways that people can get involved. This will cover all levels of involvement from reviewers to committee members. The centre also works closely with the Public Programmes team at Nowgen to develop and host interactive public engagement events.

l-r: Simon Denegri (Chair, INVOLVE);
Jess Zadik (Engagement in Research Manager, Salford Royal); Prof Stephen Campbell (Principal Investigator, GM PSTRC; PPI Lead); Philip Hammond (PPI Co-ordinator, Salford Royal)

Prof Stephen Campbell has overall responsibility for delivery of the PPI and PE elements of the Greater Manchester PSTRC.

The centre's funded PPI Coordinator, based at Salford Royal, is key to the delivery of this activity working under the direction of the centre's Research Theme Leads and the Engagement in Research Manager at Salford Royal, Jess Zadik. Philip is located within the Research and Development Team at Salford Royal and works closely with the Engagement and Citizen Scientist project teams to provide appropriate oversight and to ensure maximisation of achieving common aims for patient safety in primary care.

Key Staff