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NPCRDC was a multi-disciplinary, academically independent centre, established by the Department of Health in 1995 to undertake a programme of policy-related research in primary care. We were a collaboration between the Universities of Manchester and York, with our main base at the University of Manchester.

In December 2010 NPCRDC closed as part of the Department of Health's wider initiative to refresh its policy research programme through disinvestment in its current policy research units and the creation of entirely new ones. While primary health care remains an area of key importance for policy-makers there will no longer be a dedicated unit tasked with leading policy-relevant research in the field. Primary health care was instead subsumed within a more holistic, system-wide approach to health policy research which was adopted by the ten newly created policy research units.

From January 2011, the knowledge and expertise developed by NPCRDC was further developed through the "Health Sciences" group of the University of Manchester. This group, founded in January 2010, brings Manchester's primary care researchers, including those in NPCRDC, together with experts in health research methodology (economics, statistics, informatics) and health psychology, to form a powerful new unit dedicated to improving health care policy and practice through high quality research.

An alphabetical listing of all of the publications produced by NPCRDC. Publication pages link to relevant research and key staff.
Research Projects
An alphabetical listing of all of the projects that are either in progress or have been completed. From a project you can discover the research theme and other similar projects; the staff members involved and the publications that were produced.
Research Themes
An overview of how our research was organised.
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