Dr John Ainsworth

Photograph of John Ainsworth

Senior Research Fellow

Vaughan House
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


John Ainsworth is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Manchester where he is also Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Informatics and the MRC Health eResearch Centre. He is involved in numerous research projects, but with one common aim - to use computing and information technology to improve the health of the population. His current research focuses on the mobile health technologies and the use of routinely captured healthcare data for research. 

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (Reg. No. 10396)


My research focuses on applying information technology to improving health care and includes:

  • Harnessing computing technology to enable novel clincial research  
  • Using information technology to improve health services
  • Applying emerging computing technologis to create novel interventions
  • The development of software as a diagnsotic and/or therapeutic medical device.

I work at the iinersection of information technology and healthcare

Methodological Knowledge

Software Development

Systems Engineering


John has been the CTO of the North West eHealth (NWeH) technology spinout and is one of the originators of the FARSITE (www.nweh.org.uk) tool. He has lead the development of openCDMS (www.opencdms.org), an open source study/trial data collection system, to the point where it is in wide spread production use both in the UK and internationally for more than 8 years. In collaboration with Professor Shôn Lewis he has developed the ClinTouch system (www.clintouch.com). Prior to academia he worked in the telecommunications/data networking industry for 10 years, fulfilling a variety of roles including software engineer, software architect, project manager, and consulting engineer. John's previous employers are PA Consulting, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and Bell Northern Research. He remains firmly committed to improving the quality of medical research and in turn the health of the population, through free software.


  • BSc (Hons) Physics
  • MSc Cognitive Science
  • PhD Health Informatics



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