Dr Søren Rud Kristensen BSc MSc PhD

Photograph of Søren Rud Kristensen

Research Fellow in Health Economics

Manchester Centre for Health Economics
Institute of Population Health 
University of Manchester

4.305, Jean Mcfarlane Building
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL


Søren joined the Manchester Centre for Health Economics as a Research Fellow in Health Economics in May 2012. He earned an MSc in Economics (2008) and a PhD in Economics (2012) from the University of Southern Denmark. His doctoral studies were completed partly at the Centre of Health Economics Research at the University of Southern Denmark and at the governmental Danish Evaluation Institute for Local Governments (KREVI)

Søren is interested in the use and design of incentives for performance at the government, organisational, and individual level. His research takes point of departure in incentive theory and often uses microeconometric analyses of large data sets such as hospital episode statistics to empirically investigate the intended and unintended effects of different incentive designs.

While in Manchester, Søren has been involved in a project on resource allocation for mental health care in the English NHS, and projects on the use of financial incentives for improving provider quality, including the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) scheme, and the Advancing Quality (AQ) scheme.

In 2013 Søren was awarded an Individual Postdoctoral Grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences for the project "Efficient provision of organizational incentives in public procurement and regulation: Exploring reference-dependence and risk" (July 2013-Decmber 2015). 



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